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As a stylist and business owner, my main goal is to make my clients feel beautiful and love their hair, everyday.  JK Designs is a comfortable, personal space, where we can make your hair what you've always wanted it to be.  


I know that there's one day that holds a little more importance than any other-- YOUR WEDDING DAY. Every bride wants the perfect hair. We want our hair to make us look beautiful, we want it to be feminine, we don't want to have to mess with it or worry about it the whole day, we want it to look as good in photos as it does in person, and most of all we want it to stay perfect while we dance the night away with our family, friends, and new husband! 


With so many things to take care of in preparation for your day, let me take one of the worries off of your list.  Together we can create your perfect hairstyle for your perfect day, so that you can be the perfect bride.

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